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Prices of the services offered by Medical-Dental Center Medicare Varna

Initial consultation

60 lev

In order to understand the optimal approach for each patient, we will take a dental status, primary examination and photo documentation at your first visit.

Metal-ceramic crown

400 lev

They offer a good combination of affordability and robustness. They are traditionally preferred for cutters due to their main drawback – they are not an ideal option from an aesthetic point of view.

Zirconium crown

600 lev

Good combination of aesthetic appearance and strength. Zirconia crowns are not by chance among the most preferred options – they have the strength of metal-ceramic and are in complete harmony with natural teeth.

Ceramic crown

700 lev

The best solution in terms of aesthetics, but with weaker strength. This makes them mostly preferred for front incisors.

Bonding (per tooth)

500 lev

Bonding brings back the beauty of your smile in a number of cases such as fractures, misalignments, diastemas, staining and more.

Teeth whitening (up to 3 visits)

400 lev

Bring back the shine to your smile with our professional teeth whitening (up to 3 visits)

Porcelain facets

800 lev

Porcelain and ceramic veneers are one of the possible solutions for changing the shape, size or color of teeth. They are a good option for front incisors, which will result in a sparkling smile!

Implant medium class

1200 lev

They are more economical compared to high-end implants, but still offer a good option for one or more missing teeth

High class implant

1500 lev

Their durability and the ability to “load” the implant with a crown in a shorter period of time makes them a preferred choice for our patients.

Fixed All on 6 construction

16000 - 18000 lev

It includes 12 zirconium crowns on 6 implants and is among the best solutions for missing teeth or multiple compromised teeth. The cost varies according to the type of implant – medium or high end.

Fixed All on 4 construction

14000 - 16000 lev

It includes 12 zirconia crowns on 4 implants and can return full functionality to your teeth. The cost varies according to the type of implant – medium or high end.

Liners (colourless splints)

300 lev per step

Veneers are colorless, invisible braces that flawlessly deal with crooked teeth. They are preferred by Medicare patients over braces because of their aesthetic appeal. Average number of steps required per patient: 10-15

Ceramic braces

5 500 lev

Ceramic braces are less noticeable compared to metal braces and this makes them a good option for patients who insist on aesthetics.

Rhodium brackets

5 000 lev

Rhodium braces are essentially metal ones that have a rhodium coating. It spares the enamel and reduces the risk of wear and stains.

Metal brackets

4 500 lev

A more economical solution compared to other types of braces and aligners, but still very much preferred. The compromise in quality is nil – the results are just as good as with other types of braces, but purely aesthetically the metal ones are more visible.

* Depending on the specifics of the patient’s case, prices may vary.

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