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Colorless liners from Medicare

Tooth liners you can count on

A flawless smile with transparent tooth liners

Defective or crooked teeth are among the most popular problems people face. The causes of tooth distortions can be many, from genetic predisposition to improper tooth growth or specific injuries. This problem causes discomfort and is the cause of unsightly appearance, but not only. Crooked teeth can lead to a number of more serious consequences and complications.

Today, our professional orthodontists in Varna can offer a modern solution to help you restore your flawless smile. Although braces were once the only solution offered by dentists, today most patients prefer to rely on more innovative technology – invisible dental liners. They play a major role in cosmetic dentistry today and offer an affordable and durable solution for people of all ages.

Medicare’s colourless dental liners are made from thermoplastic material. They are transparent braces that are placed on the teeth. Invisible liners are a great way to get perfectly straight teeth without worrying about how you look – they are invisible to others.

Here are some of the main benefits of colourless tooth liners:

  • An invisible solution for crooked teeth
  • The liners are easily removed for hygiene or while eating
  • Easy maintenance
  • An affordable solution
  • Painless wearing

At Medicare Dental Center, we will introduce you to the process of straightening crooked teeth with liners in detail and will be by your side every step of the process.

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colorless liners in varna

How Medicare can help with dental liners in Varna

Our orthodontists are among the brightest and most experienced in Varna. We carefully select our specialists to make sure that we can offer a quality solution for each client.

If you need a dental liner, contact us and let us know your needs and expectations. With us, you can count on a complete solution, as our experts will take care of everything. First, we will invite you for an examination, which will help us look at the condition of your teeth in detail. We will take dental arch imprints, which we will use for casting plaster models.

Once the gypsum models are ready, they will be sent to a laboratory, where specialists will take care of the production of colourless liners. This is possible thanks to high-quality and modern software technologies that are able to create the perfect dental liners through digital analysis of your teeth. The software will take care of the exact calculation of the appropriate degrees and inclinations that will be needed to move the teeth while wearing the liners.

The calculations will also provide information on the steps that need to be taken so that the patient can enjoy perfectly straight teeth. There are different types of braces, depending on their hardness. Depending on the analysis, we will be able to direct you to the most appropriate treatment. The treatment with dental liners lasts between four and nine months, depending on the condition of your teeth. If you want to learn more about this method of dealing with crooked teeth or you’re interested in learning more about the prices for liners, contact us.

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Dimitar Popov

I use the services offered by the clinic and I am very satisfied. Everyone in the team is a professional in their respective field.

Turgai Kalinov

A place staffed by professionals dedicated to the job, giving their best. They have repeatedly helped me with all kinds of problems related to my oral health! I recommend!

Milen Lesemann

A place where they welcome you politely. Professionals who can always be counted on for a perfect end result. Highly recommend.

Silvia Ilieva

A team of professionals. Take advantage of their services, believe me, it's worth it. I have been a patient of Simeon Chokanov for three years, I continue my treatment with his team.

Elena Nedyalkova

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Dr. Staneva, who saw us in an emergency and saved our child's broken teeth, applying the most modern treatment and to Dr. Majova, who built great new teeth with which our child feels and looks wonderful! Thank you for everything! We will visit you every time we come to Varna!

Veronika Petrova

Perfect environment, extremely high level of hygiene and attention to the patient! Huge thanks to Dr. Chokanov and the whole team for their patience and professional attitude! I wish you more and more satisfied patients and more and more development!

Stefka Nikolova

I am extremely pleased with the attention and cordial atmosphere of the Medicare Dental Clinic team, especially Dr. Chokanov. With his professionalism, he helped me to solve my problem in the best way. I now have a beautiful aesthetic and unique smile. It is great to smile with confidence, peace and satisfaction. If you want to experience it all first hand, Medicare Clinic is your place. I wish the team to make many happy smiles.