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Zirconia crowns from Medicare

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What are zirconia crowns?

Today, the preferred dental crowns are zirconium crowns. This is mainly due to the variety of benefits that a zirconia crown provides. Zirconium dioxide is a natural material that is used to make dental structures due to its aesthetic appearance and similarity to natural teeth. Zirconia is a stable, long-lasting and safe solution. The ability of zirconia to transmit light makes it extremely natural in appearance. Placing a zirconium crown ensures harmony with human teeth and leads to beautiful and safe results. Many of our clients from Varna and the region rely on zirconium crowns because they provide tolerance to gums and tissues, eliminating any risk of allergies.

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Types of dental crowns

At Medicare, we work with different types of dental crowns so that we can offer an adequate and accurate solution for each patient. Zirconia crowns are divided into two main types:

  • Zirconia crowns: This type of dental crown is made entirely of zirconia. Also known as а full-contour zirconia crown, this type of crown requires а CAD/CAM technique. Zirconia comes in the form of discs that are loaded into a milling machine that guarantees precisely cut and designed crowns. They are extremely delicate, with a rich white colour. Zirconia crowns offer an innovative and aesthetic solution for a perfect look and a beautiful smile.
  • Ceramic crowns with zirconium cap: The role of the zirconium cap is to replace the standard metal cap in metal-ceramic crowns. In this type of zirconium crowns, the specialist manually applies ceramics directly on the zirconium cap. This process aims to correct the anatomical shape and function and restore the aesthetics of the removed tooth. Only the cap is made of zirconia, and the tooth shape is made of ceramic.

Other types of crowns:

  • Partial crowns (inserts): They are laboratory-made ceramic or composite fillings created by a dental technician. They restore only the damaged part of the tooth and keep it healthy. They can be onlay, overlay and inlay. These types of crowns are a good alternative to ordinary fillings, as they are stronger, last longer and always fit perfectly, without the disadvantage of ordinary fillings – a micro-gap between the obturation and the cavity, which allows the formation of secondary caries.
  • Metal-ceramic crowns: The metal-ceramic crown is made of a metal base and has a ceramic surface layer. Metal guarantees the strength of the crown, while ceramics – its aesthetics. They are the ideal combination for outstanding aesthetics, durability and an affordable price. They’re suitable for people with periodontitis due to the microelasticity of the metal.
  • Plastic crowns: Plastic crowns are used only as temporary solutions, as they have a very low mechanical strength. They are an exact copy of the shape, size and colour of permanent zirconia crowns. They protect grinded teeth while the permanent crowns are designed and created.
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What is the difference between cermets and zirconium crowns?

The main difference between the zirconium crown and the standard cermets is in the use of а metal base or metal interior. Metal ceramics rely on a metal base to ensure more strength and stability. These constructions often cause discomfort and pain in the gums, as well as aesthetic problems. In addition, with cermets, the teeth cannot achieve their natural appearance due to the lack of light, which cannot pass through the metal interior. An additional side effect is the bruising of the gums as a result of the contact of metal ions with the tissues.
Zirconia crowns prevent these problems by using a white zirconium base instead of a metal base. These modern crowns offer a number of advantages. They are stronger and more resistant than cermets, more aesthetically pleasing, and do not cause allergic reactions. Patients with zirconia crowns do not suffer from hypersensitivity and do not feel pain with temperature changes. In addition, the necessary tooth grinding is relatively less when placing a zirconium crown compared to cermets.

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At Medicare, we rely on high-quality equipment, which is why we work with an intraoral dental scanner, which is a manual tool for 3D scanning. The scanner redefines the basics of digital fingerprinting techniques in the dental industry. Taking a 3D fingerprint using a dental intraoral scanner is not only faster but also more accurate and the end result requires fewer adjustments. In addition, the precision of dental intraoral scanners reduces the need for remanufacturing, and patients should not have to worry about going back to the dentist for adjustments. After seeing the digital fingerprint up close, patients can get a better idea of ​​the condition of their teeth. The scanner also develops full-colour prints to facilitate dialogue between the dentist and his patient and to improve treatment. The scanner is used before placing zirconium crowns or ceramic veneers.

Frequently asked questions

Are zirconia crowns durable?

Zirconia is popular for its durability and resistance, which is often compared to that of natural enamel. The risk of breakage is minimal, even unavailable. However, certain traumas, such as a forceful impact, could injure zirconia crowns. With precisely placed crowns, the chance of damage is minimal.

In what situations is a zirconia crown appropriate?

A zirconia crown is suitable for patients who suffer from decayed, broken, chipped, stained or removed teeth who suffer from allergies. The material is safe and secure for use in dentistry and guarantees quality results. To find out if this is the right choice for you and to get a price for zirconia crowns, contact our experts.

Which crowns are better: ceramic or zirconia?

All ceramic crowns, like zirconia crowns, have their weaknesses and risks. The answer to which type is the better choice depends on a multitude of factors. However, it’s worth mentioning that ceramic crowns have a risk of cracking under pressure. This makes them only suitable for front teeth. Unlike ceramic ones, zirconia designs are durable and cannot break easily. They can be placed on both front and chewing teeth.

How much do zirconium crowns cost?

We strive to make all dental crown prices affordable for all of our patients. Our pricing varies based on the material used for our dental crowns, the complexity of the procedure, additional services required, and other factors. In order for us to provide you with more information regarding the pricing of zirconia crowns, we will need to meet with you and learn more about your needs. Contact us for an examination and consultation.

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