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Lip fillers for painless shaping and enlargement

Our lip filler specialists in Varna will help you enjoy juicy, full and perfect lips and will completely transform your smile!

Why choose a lip filler with hyaluronic acid?

One of the most noticeable parts of the face in women is the lips. It is no coincidence that every woman dreams of thick, juicy and well-shaped lips. But often, factors such as ageing, poor hygiene, smoking or unhealthy eating habits lead to the thinning of the lips, the disruption of their natural contour and other side effects. As a result, wrinkles begin to appear around the lips.

Modern cosmetic medicine allows corrections of the lips through the procedure of placing a lip filler. Hyaluronic lip fillers are completely harmless as hyaluronic acid is found in the body naturally. Its main role is to retain water.

Here is what we can offer our customers thanks to hyaluronic lip fillers:

  • Lip contour with filler – we can restore the beautiful lip contour with this quick and easy procedure, restoring the irresistible beauty of the face or adding light corrections
  • Increasing the volume of the lips – if you think that your lips are not thick and voluminous enough to meet your expectations, we can help by adding natural-looking volume using the Russian filler technique. The idea behind this technique is to lift the lip instead of adding excessive volume and get a completely natural look.
  • Asymmetry corrections – the procedure allows us to correct the natural asymmetry of the face caused by asymmetrical lips
  • Zero risk of allergies – thanks to our experts who will carefully examine your condition before the procedure, you can rest assured that the risks of allergic reactions are minimized to zero
  • A painless procedure – we guarantee comfort and a painless procedure by pre-applying a local anaesthetic.
Lip Fillers
lip fillers at medicare

What is the procedure behind the application of lip fillers?

There are different types of lip fillers. At the start of the procedure, our experts will carry out a thorough and comprehensive preliminary consultation. During the consultation, our doctors will learn more about your expectations and desires, check for potential risks of allergic reactions, hear more about your preferences and more. After becoming familiar with your wishes and specifics, we will place you in a comfortable position and clean the skin of the face, using professional methods and techniques. The next step is to anaesthetize the treated area to make the procedure painless for you.

The filler is injected using a thin needle specially designed for this purpose. Upon successful completion of the procedure, each patient receives instructions from our specialists on how to take proper care of the skin and face during recovery. We will also answer all of your questions to make sure that the results are exactly as you have always imagined.

The price of a lip filler varies depending on the quantity you need to achieve your goals. At Medicare, you can take advantage of some of the most affordable prices for lip fillers in Varna. Contact us and make an appointment for a consultation. We are here to make your dreams come true!

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Dimitar Popov

I use the services offered by the clinic and I am very satisfied. Everyone in the team is a professional in their respective field.

Turgai Kalinov

A place staffed by professionals dedicated to the job, giving their best. They have repeatedly helped me with all kinds of problems related to my oral health! I recommend!

Milen Lesemann

A place where they welcome you politely. Professionals who can always be counted on for a perfect end result. Highly recommend.

Silvia Ilieva

A team of professionals. Take advantage of their services, believe me, it's worth it. I have been a patient of Simeon Chokanov for three years, I continue my treatment with his team.

Elena Nedyalkova

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Dr. Staneva, who saw us in an emergency and saved our child's broken teeth, applying the most modern treatment and to Dr. Majova, who built great new teeth with which our child feels and looks wonderful! Thank you for everything! We will visit you every time we come to Varna!

Veronika Petrova

Perfect environment, extremely high level of hygiene and attention to the patient! Huge thanks to Dr. Chokanov and the whole team for their patience and professional attitude! I wish you more and more satisfied patients and more and more development!

Stefka Nikolova

I am extremely pleased with the attention and cordial atmosphere of the Medicare Dental Clinic team, especially Dr. Chokanov. With his professionalism, he helped me to solve my problem in the best way. I now have a beautiful aesthetic and unique smile. It is great to smile with confidence, peace and satisfaction. If you want to experience it all first hand, Medicare Clinic is your place. I wish the team to make many happy smiles.